Thursday, May 20, 2010


Since moving to Australia, I have found that cosmetics and skincare prices has jumped exponentially. As of late, my hair has been really sick of the $2 shampoo and conditioner I bought at the super market when I first got here. So I was on the hunt for some shampoo when I remembered a site my friend Anna told me about.
I'm not sure if you guys have heard of Strawberry but apparently it is world wide free shipping and they stock a lot of branded skin care, cosmetics, fragrances and shampoo. They have everything from MAC, Shiseido, Aveda, Kiehls, Lancome, Biotherm, Shu Uemura and lots lots more. I know for a fact that their prices are at least 40 percent off. I bought something from shiseido the other week at the shiseido flag store and I checked last night on Strawberry, they were selling it for half the price. SOOOO..... if you know how a product works and you like it, you should just buy it on Strawberry. My purchases are arriving in 7 days!!!

one of the items I bought


take 38 said...

Ohhh, thanks for the tip!!!

I mean, who doesn't want to save on splurges?


Hello Lindello said...

awesome! thanks tiff!