Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting ready

My entire weekend was spent in my apartment. It was total bliss. I'm a bona fide home body. What do I love most about weekends? Slow, lazy breakfasts. I don't have to rush my breakfast which is so nice. I can make hashbrowns from scratch. (So very easy and delicious!) Somehow, after lunch, time just zooms on by.
home made hash brown
Put potatoes in microwave for a minute (no longer!), grate, mix with a bit of grated cheese
put on pan till golden brown.

I spent the majority of Sunday night, packing away my summer clothes and making room. I'm making room for Aaron. He's moving to Melbourne, Australia in less than 2 weeks time. When I was folding my clothes away, I thought for the first time ever, wow, my day to day routine will be changed forever. I felt a bit of apprehension about all this but then again, I've never lived with a partner before and even though I've always been very excited to play house, now it's fast becoming real. I'm not sure why I'm a bit apprehensive about it all, the man loves to cook, he cleans and is hardworking. I am excited but I just did not expect that tinge of nervousness 2 weeks prior to the move. So, now Aaron has closet space, shoe rack space and plenty of hugs and kisses to come home to.


S said...

Om nom nom hash browns from scratch look yum as!

Can you believe it? 2 weeks! I'm SO excited for you! It's finally happening!! said...

It's called butterflies in the stomach. Only normal:)