Saturday, July 17, 2010

A true love collection


I have been busy, working on Muntedkowhai's new mini collection: Flustered
a small rollercoaster of love emotions

faded rose,vibrant corals, hidden feelings:
The faded pinks
tried dusty grey blues, forgotten bronze, finding your feet
The tried and pale blues

despite the chaos, the frustration, love gives birth to all layers of emotions that when zoomed out, is still romantic and tragically beautiful.

Flustered, available here

5 comments: said...

This is truly Lovely!!!

charinthecity said...

Way cute!

Aroha Silhouettes said...

Beautiful! Love the love heart photo!

Hello Lindello said...

eeep!! Your shop and ads look AMAZING Tiff!

Katherine said...

Ohh la la...loving the flustered!