Sunday, August 08, 2010

1st weekend with my new room mate

One week later and it still seems surreal that Aaron has moved to Australia. The past week, he has unpacked, settled in and filled our kitchen with more spices and food. (He is very fond of curries) Aside from re-writing his resume and cover letter, he's been doing the laundry, making me delicious dinners and making me laugh. Sometimes I watch him and it's better than TV. We didn't get to do much this weekend, I had wanted to get out of the apartment a bit and see Melbourne but time just flew. I started painting our free cabinet we picked up from the side of our street, now there are two layers of Canabria and the pink is awaiting to be painted white. However, Aaron and I looked at the colour combo and think it's actually quite nice with the pink peeking out.
the pink will be painted white
Just as we were talking about our need of a new cloth storage system, we stumbled upon a dresser on the side of the road. People throw away the most awesome furniture here!!
The wood in the back of the dresser is in pretty rough shape but it's nothing difficult to replace. The skeleton is quite good and it is gorgeous. We hauled it back to the apartment, Aaron gave it a really good bath and we rearranged our clothes and our bedroom to accommodate it. It doesn't take up more space which is great and it gives us more display area for things like...

free dresser

aaron arranging his "decor"
Aaron putting his Ren and Stimpy dolls as decoration.
Give and take.
A pretty floral bag where all our plastic bags go into, thrifted!

new roommate


S said...

YAY!! "Sometimes I watch him and it's better than TV." Epic :D I love the floral shopping bag-bag too

Hello Lindello said...

I'm so happy for you both!!!

knack said...

LOVE what you are doing with the furniture! great finds!