Thursday, August 05, 2010

It almost seems surreal that Aaron has moved to Melbourne. He's been a darling, cleaning, doing laundry and making those delicious dinners for when I get back home from work, all tired and cold. (Chicken roast with winter veges, eggplant curry, sweet and sour pork to boot!) I am finding how nice it is to not eat left overs every single day and to share food with someone who loves it just as much as I do! We're slowly finding our own ways, incorporating each other into every aspect of our day to day lives. He is slowly occupying the bathroom with his deodorant, cologne and shaving products which I think is so very cute. One thing I 'm learning is that, boys may have few items but their material things take up a lot of space. Things like shoes:
man shoes
Boy shoes take up space.

I've taped the cabinet up and getting it ready for it's new coat....
new cabinet colour+finger puppet wombat
this neutral calming colour, Aaron thought he would put the finger puppet wombat into this photo. cute.

I'm still finding my own time to do things I normally enjoy, while indulging in things that we both enjoy (watching documentaries, looking through cook books etc). To that tune, I better go give him a helping hand with dinner!


charinthecity said...

Yay! Go domesticity... I did warn you about the boy shoes and you are well prepared (-: There's nothing like waking up every day in the arms of the one you love. said...

UJ says the shoes look like your work...thrown in every direction!
And have you fallen into the toilet in the middle of the night yet? Just because someone did not put the seat down??
Ahhh!! The joys of living with a roommate!!