Saturday, September 25, 2010

Munted all weekend

Dresser collection

Finally hung

muntedkowhai necklace

Aaron finally ate his first meal after 5 days of gatorade and bites of toasts on Friday, so needless to say our weekend has been one of taking easy and relaxation. I spent the entire weekend busy on a project that hopefully will come to some awesome fruition. I've been crocheting all weekend, taking photos and amidst all that, realized what a beautiful backdrop our free dresser makes. I also got to hang up the frame Aaron painted, it's a vintage New York hankie from my step grandmother. The teal and reds really marry well together. I just really hope everything comes together and I can share with you the exciting news!!

3 comments: said...

Love that picture frame!

blue moss said...

one of my very favorite things is vintage location/state hankies and scarves. and that one is perfect.
love all your crocheting :)
glad aaron is feeling better

Hello Lindello said...

I love this. Your place is so pleasant and cute