Monday, September 20, 2010

A snow filled weekend

This past weekend, Aaron and I headed up to Mt Buller for a weekend of snow and fun with my co worker Sophie and her partner. When someone told me about snowboarding in Australia, I laughed. I thought they were having me on. Then I realized that it was real and I started imagining patches of snow amongst grass that people coveted as a snow field. Mt Buller suprised me, for the majority of the beginners runs, it was man made snow but on the other side of the mountain there were some pretty awesome snow for a hot hot country. It had been two years since I last snowboarded but the feeling came back and it was such a rush. Gone are the frustrations of falling (every few seconds), loosing total control and the complete sore body the day after. Aaron was still stuck in the frustration stages of learning how to snowboard. Then I realise how awesome he is for partaking in something that I love so much.

group shot on the chair lift
A group shot on the chair lift.
Aaron, me, Soph, Mike

sophie and mike, ready to go
Mike and Sophie, ready for their boarding. They're seasoned skiers.

aaron and i
A very tired Aaron hidden behind a goofy smile

australia.. has snow?
Snow and then there's none.

I better get back to doing some house chores, I have a very sick man stricken with gastro.
Time to check up on him.

2 comments: said...'s not Mt Hood, is it??
But, we are happy you got your fill!

Hello Lindello said...

Fun! I cannot wait to go skiing!