Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Suede heels

I got my new shoes in the mail yesterday! The Aussie dollar has been so mighty strong that it was dollar for dollar and it gave me a really good excuse to do a bit of retail therapy! Aren't they beautiful? I got them from Urban Outfitters!


Foxes Shop said...

I MUST have those shoes!!!! They're gorgeous, lovely =) I wish the NZ dollar was as strong, that would be awesome.

P.S. Kate gave me your e-mail, been meaning to contact but have just been mentally busy, will e-mail this week or next xxx

blue moss said...

loving your new suede shoes :)

Munted kowhai said...

Hey Foxes,
You could have a wee splurge on urbanoutfitters but it's not as fun when the kiwi dollar is not as strong! looking forward to your email.

Julia said...

They are super lovely! I'm so glad you treated yourself to such elegant retail therapy!