Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Comfort Food

Yesterday, I had the leisure of making Mein Fun Gao for dinner. The temperature dropped a bit so it was perfect. Mein Fun Gao is a Hakka comfort food, it is very basic and stemmed from when poverty was widespread. Basically, I chopped up garlic and ginger, heated a pot and stir fried them with dried anchovies until fragrant and then I filled it with water for the soup base. I put in left over prawn heads I had saved for occassions like this and pop them in for enhanced essence. While that is stewing, I made the dough, comprising of flour, egg, oil and a bit of water. That's it. It's super simple and the most important of all, have really spicy chilli and slice that thinly into a dish of soy sauce. Caramelize some dried anchovies in a small pan with sugar till it burns a bit. Viola.
the starting of the dough
The dough mixture
chillies and dried anchovies
Thai baby chillis are the best

Mein Fun Gao
The final result

This is not only delicious but it makes me think of my grandma, my aunt and my mother.

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thisgoodhearth.blogspot.com said...

It is cool in Tokyo. Your Mein Foon Gau looks so good!
I think it tastes better than the shabu-shabu we just had :(