Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've never been a patient person and I do tend to put things off to do, so when it came to giving my bigcartel shop a facelift so that I could have my website IN my bigcartel shop using html and coding, it was a bit daunting. After months of on and off weekends, in pjs, learning html and experimenting with firebug. It has been highly frustrating but I figured that it all seemed really do-able. After looking at websites that I liked, I studied their coding and changed mine so I could get what I wanted.
All I wanted for Muntedkowhai webpage is:
*easily navigated
*simple and clean
*gives buyer enough information

Here are some screen shots:


About page

Shop page:

Yay!! Mission accomplished!

Please visit the website and tell me what you think!

Edit:* if you're viewing the site on IE on a PC, the shop page will look a bit munted, I still have to css hack that page!*

3 comments: said...

Simple, easy and clean!

Aroha Silhouettes said...

I'm officially obsessed with your about page photo!

Munted kowhai said...

@aroha: it was really fun to take that photo. i did it for the feature on Design files!