Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Did you know that Steven Allan is having a sample sale, RIGHT NOW?!

It ends Thursday 6pm!

I got this:

but boo on them for having international buyers sign an authorization and provide photocopies of drivers and passport to purchase something!!


charinthecity said...

Cute dress, Tiff. Settling in is great... we are still waiting for a proper settle as I'm waiting for my job to become permanent. Then we can find a more permanent place to live, hopefully in the Oxfordshire countryside. Hope you and Aaron are having fun settling too, and that you're feeling better.

blue moss said...

thanks for the tip today! i got it when i was right in middle of dropping my youngest at soccer....and picking up my oldest at school...and i just wanted to get home to check it out!
i love, love your find

H J Hess said...

What a sweet dress. And the color is lovely. Wonder if the seller asking for so much information from the buyers is because they have been defrauded of payment on previous orders. . .? Even though, it is a bit much.

Munted kowhai said...

@hj: They say its for verification but I mean, other big websites don't need this step for purchases internationally so I'm not sure why they wanted so much info.
Too much info for a dress.

thisgoodhearth.blogspot.com said...

Oooo..but you gave them anyways?
I'd be so uncomfortable with that.