Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Etsy and non Etsy Christmas guide

I'm in the midst of Christmas shopping, it may be a bit early but I am half way across the world and this year, Christmas presents require a bit more organization! Thank goodness for the internet. Whilst internet shopping, I came across some great gift ideas that for some reason or another, I don't have anyone to give to or it was simply out of my budget:

A diana + dreamer camera.
A great gift, even for those that don't know they wanted one!
Perhaps you would inspire a hobby.

A hand made print of yellow roosters. I mean, how awesome is this!?
Great stocking stuffer for new home starters.
from LeahDuncan

Hand made porcelain beads necklace. This reminds me of the sea and I love love the texture.
from Lilarubyking

Amy Sedari's "Simple Times, crafts for poor people"
I love craft books but I wonder what a craft book by a comedian would be like?!
I absolutely love her in Strangers with Candy.
$ 14.52

A hand cut map of down town Seattle, Washington.
How insanely cool is this?! Extremely pricey but a perfect personalized present.
(She does other international cities as well)
From studiokmo

Hand Embroidered cushions. WOW. Um, this is MOST awesome.
It's a bit of a splurge but not an unattainable one!
from uncommon goods

Dazzlinglanna makes these awesome clutches/purses out of vintage Hmong tribal baby cloths.
They're so colourful, it hurts!


That's it for now but my Christmas search continues, so more to come!


Sayo said...

Fantastic collection! I especially love the hand cut map and the pillows!

Aroha Silhouettes said...

Ooooh I love the necklace! said...

WHich one am I getting??

Munted kowhai said...

@aroha: i know right, makes me want to take up ceramics!
@sayo: wish i could affffford hand cut map and pillows!