Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesday, dress day

today i'm going to wear a dress

Today it is sunny and I'm sick of wearing pants, so I'm wearing a dress to work today. The lab gets a bit cold, so I usually have to have a long sleeve top. I'm just recovering from a hideous cough, I don't want another one!

Last night, Aaron and I went out for a casual date. We had a lovely indian dinner at Red Pepper followed by watching "Social Network". It was pretty interesting, although it was based on a book made with contributions from the CFO who also sued Zuckerberg, it made the CFO look more like a victim than he really might have been. Who knows.

There is a price crazy smart people pay for their intelligence and that is their real life social interplay.

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blue moss said...

Cute, cute.....love the stripes ;)