Thursday, December 09, 2010

Santa baby

They have started playing christmas music here and there around Melbourne. At the ticket gate of Parliament station, there is a small trio band that plays traditional christmas music and this has plagued my mind for a week now. Christmas songs are catchy and they hide in the nooks and cranny of your brain, whereby you have to sing another song to get rid of the first. You are not bombarded with the commercial essence of Christmas here in Melbourne, compared to the states but you know what, I kind of miss it. It all reminds me of Christmases spent with my mum and step dad. I miss that a whole lot. Our tradition is to always watch A Christmas Story and if you have not watch this, I highly recommend you do because, oh boy, what a lovely movie. I also miss Mum's mulled wine, the smell of fresh christmas trees and the slow piling of wrapped presents underneath said tree. Also, mum would play christmas music throughout the house randomly and my step dad would watch the mormon choir sing their christmas songs on tv.

My favourite christmas song is :

I made more knotted earrings in cherry reds and charcoal greys and you can purchase them here.

christmas cheer

3 comments: said...

Ooooohhhh .....I love the Christmas red!!
Christmas would be so different wthout you here, that's for sure! Nothing beats Christmas in Oregon with a little snow. Hope next year, you'll spend it with us!
Miss ya!!

Modern Greetings said...

Christmas is indeed time to share and care for one another. I wish it could be Christmas everyday.

Graham said...

I remember when Christmas comes, I and my sister make Christmas cards. We make Christmas Cards for our parents and grandparents.
Oh, your Cherry reds earrings are beautiful! I like them :)