Saturday, December 11, 2010


This weekend has been most relaxing, which is nice because the next week or so will be quite a whirlwind. We're leaving for NZ in a few days with a wedding to do go, roadtrip around the south island , followed by christmas with Aaron's family in Christchurch. I'm most excited about the road trip and the insanely gorgeous sights we'll see.

I finished a small piece of art work this weekend, for a christmas exchange I have with my co worker. We decided to make a piece of art for each other that we get to hang up in our own apartment. She is from NZ, Lower Hutt specifically, so I made this for her:

lower hutt
a small painting i did for a christmas exchange
Kiwiana images: Moa, Pohutukawa, Kiwi fruit, Manuka flower, Pukeko, buzzy bee
(bag of cheezels is a personal joke)

It has been very therapeutic and I keep on thinking, I should do this more often!

lone wolf
A lone wolf howling

I love weekends because you just get to lay around and notice things:
laze around

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Camila said...

The painting is so lovely and thoughtful. Have fun in NZ!