Saturday, January 08, 2011


It has become stinking hot here in Melbourne. The other day, it was insufferable. Think sticky, muggy and an unforgiving sun. That is why, I vow to make more silk dresses like the one I got from Aaron for Christmas. He really surprises me with his taste. He got it from Milk from a Thistle, an blog entry I had put up months and months ago. I was overjoyed because it was a present I would have never gotten myself. Never. It was something I admired. I wore it on Christmas day and felt extra girly!
Also! I bought myself a pair of decent shoes for the lab. I was so sick of my canvas shoes that had holes everywhere and my dr marten flats that has a gross smell affliction. Gross. So I went onto and bought myself a pair of Campers. Have you heard of Campers? They're super comfortable and I really like their style. They are really expensive here in Australia that is why I buy it from Amazon, even with international shipping, it works out to be WAY less expensive.

They're perfect for standing around in the lab all day and I won't have to look like a total slob!

In other news, I've hatched my new pet: sea monkies:

Eep! I had sea monkies back when I was a sophomore at OSU. They were totally awesome until my pet rat knocked the sea monkies tower down and they all died!

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blue moss said...

lovelove your dress!
i would love a little "stinking hot" right's freezing ..and they are calling for a snow storm that i hope doesn't hit, but my kids would love! anyway...that is the prettiest dress
all the best