Sunday, March 27, 2011


You know, our family is spread all over. We're in Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA and Australia. As we get older, time with our family is precious. It's not about Christmas, birthdays or anything big like that. It's about making a dress with your mum, eating every morsel of her delicious home cooking, remembering funny stories from our childhood and gathering to heal our souls. This past weekend, we had my cousin (also my mum's nephew) over for dinners. We healed over jokes, memories and games of mahjong. Nothing beats the warm feeling of family, the laid back and being yourself feeling, that is true bliss.

This weekend:

Mum's prosciutto and fig salad

I took an afternoon off and had xiao long bao with mum
finders keeper
Art market with Mum.

mum and i outside of finders keeper

vic harbor
Victoria Harbor


aaron and i at mr tulk
Aaron and I at Mr Tulk

A second attempt with different dye at batiking.


linnykins said...

Mahjong tiles make me hungry. Mmm...

How was the art and craft market?

Munted kowhai said...

funny! sam's mahjong set is actually a complete set from 3 sets! different colours/size.
the finders keepers was ok. nothing new and overtly pricey!

linnykins said...

Haha, yes, they remind me of that sticky rice sweet. Can't remember what it's called.