Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More batik experimentating

I've been doing more batiking with mum's help (she's left Melbourne now, sad!) and am now encouraged by the results to actually practice more and start a collection. Here is the pink flower without the wax and some fish scales still with their wax lines on.

flower batik with wax off.


fish scale batik


blue moss said...

those are so fun!!! i feel like i need to catch up...been out of town...
so glad you had fun with your mom!!...and i love, love the tunic/dress you made. i have totally been wanting to try to make a dress....just can't get the time.
we do have sanrio shops, but not where i live....just little sections within craft stores...
when i was younger, i would spend my whole allowance on little papers and pens....and i still love them :)

Cat said...

Hello pretties! Love the ombre effect and the eyes are all happy now :)