Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mixture weekend

This weekend has been a good mixture of home time and socialising time. I've noticed that I don't take photos that much anymore and made a real effort to capture my weekend via photographs. In between going to work on Saturday for a bit, I hopped into The Fabric Shop in Bruinswick to see if I could have some replacement material for the sofa cushions. The cushions that we sit on are loosely woven and in that respect has come away from the stitches which is very unsightly.


I bought a darker material, sort of a mushroom if you will and am planning to make some new covers for our sofa.
new fabric for couch
Will slowly replace the entire couch bit by bit. For now oatmeal and mushroom will just have to get together.

The weekend was actually really beautiful, filled with sunshine and moderately warm temperature, especially for the first week of winter! I made sure all my succulents had enough sunlight and arranged them in the kitchen where they were soaking in it.
new plant from maya
(That's a new plant, a gift from Maya)

new gems
New gem stones I bought during the week, moss agates. Can't wait to see what I can do with them!

more of a jumper
Jumper coming along, coming along!

Saturday was kinda cool because Aaron and I went to have a pie after work and we went to try out coffee at St Ali. He had talked about it for the longest time, heard from his co workers that it was indeed great coffee. So we wandered down an unmarked alleyway into an unmarked store to find a bustling breakfast venue. Our coffee was good and we'd definitely go back for a breakfast! I really enjoyed exploring with Aaron and it reminds me how little of it I've done since coming to Melbourne!

Sunday was left for lazy bodies:

lazy sunday

malvern fish and chips
A wander through Malvern
new tea we tried out
A cup of chinese tea
aaron made me a flat white
Aaron made me a cup of flat white for breakfast!

And to cap Sunday night off, a Burlesque show with my fellow co workers! I had never been but it was so entertaining and I didn't know what to expect. We particularly went to see Raven, a male burlesque dancer and he was quite good!
If you are interested, you should definitely go visit

3 comments: said...

Oh, the chinese tea translated means White Peony.
Ohh...and I positively miss Melbourne's coffee culture!!

charinthecity said...

Hi Tiff, sounds like a great weekend! Check your stitch technique as you have the same problem as I used to, the stitches are slightly twisted (usually to do with how you pass the wool over). Makes an interesting pattern if you are doing plain stocking stitch but it will do your head in if you try to do something more complex like a textural pattern or cables... I'm not a pro though so do ask my Mum. Your stocking stitch should look a bit like fat ears of wheat. Great that you are knitting! I still can't crochet at all xxx

*Trisha* said...

Ooo. I like those moss agate beads. I'm excited to see what you do with them (: