Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome, Baby Girl.

This weekend has been quite relaxing yet exciting. All the way across the Pacific Ocean, my sister gave birth to her second child. Mia Tiffany Adams followed her brother and arrived into this world, in the early hours of the morning. Both mother and baby are healthy and well. My mother went up to Whidbey to help Val take care of Benton and hold down the fort while Brandon and Val welcomed the new bundle into this world. Whenever I think of my sister and her role as a mother, I'm overwhelmed with pride. I'm also very touched that Mia has Tiffany has her middle name. I can't wait to give my nephew and niece so many cuddles, that they might never forget me.

As it has been rather rainy and cold, Aaron and I stayed at home this weekend and watched a few games (you have noticed that the Rugby World Cup has started, right?). I also, had a hand at making an actual apple pie.

a heck alot of butter
Baking, not for the faint of heart
nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar on apples
Cinnamon, nutmeg and apple marriages
draining juice from spiced apples
pre oven

The recipe is from Joy Of Baking which my sister recommended.
It was really yummy!
Breakfast of champions, I say.

And tonight, on the eve of Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, Aaron and I are making a simple dinner.
Autumn Festival is akin to Christmas for Chinese people.
It's just not the same without family.

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