Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas for the men in our lives

I'm pretty proud of myself, all my Christmas presents and bought and sent (THANKS INTERNET!) to the states for my family back in Portland. All there is to do is buy for my boyfriend. Buying for my step dad, dad and Aaron has always been the hardest. Mum is super easy but these men, I mean, there's only so much HOME DEPOT gift cards one guy can have. While everyone is unwrapping their presents and going wow! All my step dad gets is, thanks, a gift card.(Which I'm sure he appreciates one way or another but still, you know what I mean!)

For a few years, I've given my step dad a Beer Club for a few months whereby a 6 pack of different microbrews from all over the states arrive at his door step every month. It's a really neat gift but I wanted to break away from tradition this year.

Here's a list of awesome manly or sex neutral gifts that might be ideal for the men in your life:

Um, could it be the most perfect gift for your beer chugging cyclist? Just don't drink and ride.

Forget guidebooks, pack your travelling cards so that you can make an experience instead of going to a destination.

For the active guy in your life. Carabiner and bottle opener in one.

Because Speedo caps are so boring.

Thumbsaver: $12.99
Because even the handiest of guys needs some help sometimes!

For the men in your life that BBQs like no other, make the pulling of pork a more animalistic experience.
Go on, you know he's been wanting this since he was a kiddo.

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I hate buying for men! But I like to do the unusual, so that makes it doubly tough.