Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've been totally spoiled. I turned 30 yesterday. People make sure a big deal about turning 30 that I didn't know what to expect of myself. I went to work and got treated to a lovely Japanese lunch by my co workers and a surprise bouquet of flowers arrived for me from Aaron. (With an Aaron type of message of course. "Happy Birthday Babe, Hope gravity is kind to you. Love you, Aaron.") Another bouquet arrived before I got off work, this time from Ryan and Carrie, Aaron's brother and fiance. See, so so spoiled.
At 6pm, I met up with Aaron and we had a beautiful dinner at Cumulus. We ordered ala carte and everything was SO delicious.

octopus with aioli and dehydrated olives
Slow cooked octopus with aioli ,dehydrated olive
If you're ever in Melbourne, give Cumulus a try.

flower bloomed
Aaron's flowers

flinders st art

zara pants
Also, to celebrate getting old, I bought myself a pair of pants from Zara.


teresa said...

:D :D :D happy birthday!

Sayo said...

Happy Birthday!!! May this be the best year yet :D

blue moss said...

ohhhh happy happy birthday!!!!
and you are not old... :)

Munted kowhai said...

Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to what the rest of 2012 will be like!