Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hot Sweaty Sticky Wet Weekend

Oh my lord. This weekend has been slightly unbearable. We have no real air conditioner but a semi functioning portable loud reverse cycling machine (which is still nice when you have next to nothing). I was rubbing ice cubes over my arms while we watched TV, it was that bad. Saturday night, we had ice cold melons for dinner until around 9pm when I got seriously hungry, I ordered pizza after I saw our neighbours come home with two boxes of pizza.

On Saturday, we travelled to the neighborhood of Thornbury to inspect a house. There was a lot of turn out despite its distance from any train or tram stations. It was a 90s house which had been renovated haphazardly. Veneer floor "boards" buckling, not joining up or even holes in the floor from miscalculating! Paint job was crude and the floor borders did not meet up or were coming off from the walls. It looked cute but upon inspection, the sellers were wanting to pump the price up by 50k just because they spent a few thousand doing a lousy renovation job. Plus the kitchen and yard was too small. Alas, the house hunting continues. We have a meeting with the home loan people on Wednesday, so fingers crossed!

Photos from the weekend:

A hot summer's night dinner
Home made curry paste covered Yellow Jacket fish shallow fried, salt and pepper calamari and a glass of Hefe with orange slice to wash it all down.

my succulents needed a break
Even my succulents needed to be saved from the strong Australian sun, resting on the shady balcony.
carrie and ryan's flowers blooming
Flowers from Carrie and Ryan, I love lillies.
Banana walnut bread for breakfast
Banana Walnut bread for breakfast
Cold citrusy beer

cute flowers

Surrounded by flowers, bliss.

3 comments: said...

Oh! The dinner looks REALLY appetizing! Everything looks happy in your little apartment!

charinthecity said...

Wow, you two cook such yummy things! We are freezing here... I found some fodder for your house dreams - don't you just love it?

Munted kowhai said...

that's a beautiful long victorian house!
unfortunately those run into the millions. booo!