Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to Normality

We are back into our first week of work in 2012. The full resting up in Christchurch has done us good, even though we had to share our holidays with the shakes, it was good. I had scramble eggs quite often for breakfast as the chickens at the Adams lay around 20 eggs a day! Someone had to help them!

feedin time!~

fresh eggs everyday

Here are a few photos from my phone:

Scallops galore!

NZ scallops for dinner. (With roe on, in Australia, they always take the roe off)

Driving to Dunedin

Moeraki beach
infamous for the boulders that jut out from the beach

Aaron at the Waimak river
Aaron by the Waimakiriri river, near his house.

whats left of knox church
What is left of Knox Church in downtown Christchurch. There is always a reminder of the big earthquake everywhere you turn.

container malls
Ingenious and practical Christchurch people, when the Cashell mall was destroyed in the Feb earthquake, they started the container project. Hand selected stores were given a container or two each to reopen their stores. As such, this cafe came about, from a few containers.

There is also an area for food, where food carts release appetizing smells into the shopping air, luring shoppers to have some:

bratwurst at cashmere container malls
Spicy bratwurst
frozen yoghurt!
finished with some frozen yoghurt and ice cream.

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charinthecity said...

Great post! I miss Christchurch and can't really imagine what it's like now. Mmm, scallops and scrambled eggs...