Monday, January 16, 2012

Food and Making

It's been a lovely week back in Melbourne. We've been exploring different suburbs of Melbourne because we're house hunting. (Well, we're doing the beginning research and hunting while building up our deposit.) Melbourne's a really expensive market to get into! We went to Footscray which is infamous for its crime rate and ethnic melting pot, so we thought we would get more for our money there. We went on Saturday to look at an old house and when we got there, there were like 60+ people there. The house was on a lean, mold on the walls, water stains running down the corridor halls, sinking bedrooms and they just put the price up even more to 400K for auction. It's totally insane. Aaron and I are willing to put work into the house we buy but not expensive structural work. That's too much. So while we licked our naive house hunting sores, we walked around Footscray and fell in love with the melting pot it's so well known for. The markets there are just like the basaks in Malaysia, less smelly but the variety, the little old ladies pushing, the sights, the sounds, everything.

We stopped off at a HK BBQ restaurant and had delicious roast duck noodles. Oh my gosh, so very delicious. Just like HK.

Aaron waits for some jelly filled donuts at Olympic Doughnuts, one of Footscray's iconic insitutions:

Then to balance it all, I spent part of the weekend creating pieces for Muntedkowhai. Organic pieces:

3 comments: said...

Another place to explore the next time I am there!
I love those colours you have created or did they come just like that?
You simply have to spend more time creating this year!

Munted kowhai said...

thanks mum, i had to mix the colours myself. the colours are inspired by the rockpool creatures in nz!

charinthecity said...

Oh how fun! Enjoy househunting. I am jealous of all that good food and your warm weather at the moment.. I think I have forgotten what sunshine and warmth are like. (-: Hope spring comes soon!