Sunday, February 19, 2012

Boutique weekend

You'd think that by the photos on this post, we spent our weekend eating. Alas, you're wrong. We spent the weekend researching different developments and builders, concreting our decision to build with Boutique in Mernda. Yup, that's right. It's all very exciting. We have our meeting with the Boutique sales person tonight to go through finer details and another meeting with a mortgage broker. We spent Saturday driving around, talking to sales, looking at land lots etc which was all very tiring in its own right. Sunday was spent at home, looking through the two floor plans we're torn about, add ons, hidden costs, blogs made by couples who built with Metricon to get an idea of what the process is like and what obstacles they had. Knowledge is power and when you've never built before, that's very important.

Mernda is 30km north east of Melbourne CBD and of all the developments we've visited, this is the one we both liked the best. Aaron has worked on site here so he knows more about the layouts and what not, which really helped. We arrived a bit too early for the displays home so Aaron took me to this cute quaint bakery in Mernda:
a quaint cafe in mernda
and we had a very filling breakfast before our busy day ahead:
pie for breakfast

aaron's breakfast

We got home around 6pm or so and had some snacks before heading over to a friend's place:
reward for house hunting all day
Best blue cheese, ever...
from Oamaru, New Zealand

And to fuel our Sunday research,I made us this breakfast that kept us going:
sunday breakfast
Rosemary pan fried potatoes with guacamole and scrambled eggs with gravalex.

3 comments: said...

Food fuels the minds, that's what they say!

Rachel said...

Wow, building a place :-) big step but pretty cool, keep me updated. We have just done our first lot of renovations, taking out the fire place and shifting a wall, a bit of a nuisance and a dirty job, but well worth the effort. So good, luck Chick

Munted kowhai said...

@rachel, thanks! you'll have to post photos of your place when you guys are done!