Friday, February 17, 2012

This week, where did it go?

This week has just whizzed by. It ended with a stressful few hours. Yesterday, we found out that the airline we booked for Hawaii had just gone bust. (Leaving 4000 travellers immediately stranded and the rest of us to deal with our own alternative routes... they didn't have enough credit to refuel in phuket!) People who paid for their ticket with cash could not get their refund back but thankfully, I charged it (charge it!) and my bank says the full amount will be refunded in two days. So I had to fork over another 2000 dollars for a Qantas flight to Hawaii. Ouch.

I did, on the same day however, received my Bario Neal ring:

It came in a glass corked bottle

bario neal
small and subtle

The rest of Friday went more smoothly with some new creations
and a simple pan seared salmon and oyster mushroom with udon noodles dinner
Friday night dinner

plus, I've been loving the floral designs everywhere. Here are my current favourites:

Gorgeous wall hanging

Bluebellgray tote

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

1 comment: said...

The florals are so refreshing!
Wished you had shown the ring in the glass bottle. WOuld have loved to see the packaging.