Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coci la elle umbrellas

It rains quite a bit here in Melbourne. Everyone has drabby black umbrellas, the golf umbrellas, the small wind reversed umbrellas and everything boring in between! How awesome would it be to have one of these Coci la elle umbrellas! Look at the colours and patterns, so so gorgeous.

my favourite


charinthecity said...

Did you see the footscray house on meet me at mikes? Reminds me of our house, but Australian... you'd have to do battle with the funky wallpaper!

Munted kowhai said...

the wall papers cute! althought carpet would get torn out and the kitchen is a nightmare. and totally out of our price range, haha!
meet me at mikes has closed down in fitzroy! said...

WoW! Has possibilities, plenty of sun and spacious rooms. Good one for a DIY couple!