Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mum and Daughter cooks

Sumac and Zaatar snapper with chick pea salad
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It's been a few hectic months and this week was the first week this year that Mum and I began our Wednesday recipe! I know the weather is warming up in Oregon and it has been a bit cool here but still nice enough to enjoy something refreshing and light. For mum, it was harder to get sumac and zaatar but after remembering that we have Gewurzhaus in Melbourne, I ventured off for a grocery shopping spree on Malvern Rd.

I love love Gewurzhaus's branding.

spice shop

sumac and zaatar


mum and daughter meal

You HAVE to make this because:

It is SO delicious
It takes NO TIME whatsoever to make
and sumac is out of this world.

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