Monday, April 02, 2012

Things I've pinned so I won't be spending money

Remember my vow to not do any online shopping till August? Well that's going very well. There hasn't been any impulse buy on Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters or any delicious sites like that. I've been pinning like nothing though!

I've found pinterest to be very productive for building our new house. I'm slowly gathering what my home style is and may I say, there is a lot of white and wood. It's just so clean and simple. Here are a few things I've pinned lately to share:

Great pendant lighting from Beaconlighting

How awesome and gorgeous are these planter tiles from Maruja Fuentes?
They combine my two loves: indoor plants and scallops.

Cute mountain earrings

I love this Wiksten top

My old Diesel boots are dying on me, as in there is a hole on the top of my boot and it's not so rain friendly anymore. This pair is so beautiful with its' textured sides!

This leather bag from Diesel is PERRRRRRFECT for travelling.

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