Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aaron is absolutely enamoured with any carnivorous plants and since his venice fly traps got steamed over the Christmas break, we went out to get him a new one. Everything looked crap except for a pitcher plant.
Here are some BEAUTIFUL pitcher plants from String Gardens.

How gorgeous is this one? It's alien form blossoming out from its center.
Beautiful hanging pitcher plants from String gardens

Our new wee pitcher plant:

While we're encroaching to Settlement this month, we've been trying to save money by not going out. Before, we usually went out to dinner maybe once or twice a week. Now we're more cautious of things like that. So nothing really that interesting to report, aside from all the food that we've been consuming:

I made Portugese tarts today. Next time, less sugar , more eggs, more mixing.
portugese tart

Aaron bought a pasta machine, we've already had two dinners of pasta. Home made is the best:

IMG_9109 IMG_9111

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thisgoodhearth said...

Love the pink on the pitcher plants. Do they really capture the BIG flies you have over there?
Portuguese tarts ~ are they anything like the Chinese Darn Tart?
And lastly, this time it didn't take him long to get the pasta machine, must not be from Ebay?