Sunday, May 06, 2012

Dreary Melbourne

I would be lying if I said Melbourne has been pleasant lately.  It has turned into Winter rather quite quickly. It's cloudy, wet and surprisingly icy cold in the mornings! All of which makes Aaron and I more homebodies than we already were. (Think woollen socks and watching TV on the couch with a blanket)

There is not much happening on the home front. We have just signed all the final documents that will be used by builders for our house. After that, we wait for settlement and then building can commence!

Here are some instagrams as of late:

I went to Ikea, which is opposite to the iconic Vinegar girl.

A new pair of leaves for my weird plant!

Spicy mud crab that we had at Tooraking. It was damn good!

My Portland print, finally framed. So cute.

And the new duvet covers we got for the guest bedroom. Now there's no hurry to wash and dry other ones!

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thisgoodhearth said...

THAT is such an alien-looking plant!