Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Our trip back to Portland was fantastic. It was filled with family, a bit of friends and lots of eating. I absolutely love Portland in the summer time. It has pleasant weather and being back in my parent's house, makes me feel so at home. Their little garden has flourished over the past ten years, so that now when Summer comes along, they are able to sit on the deck and reap the benefits of all their hard work.

My sister and her pack came down for 6 days, so that we could spend lots of time with my nephew and niece, Benton and Mia. Benton is 2.5 years old and Mia is 9 months old. They are a handful! After spending a few days with them, I'm in awe of my sister who has managed to take care of these two when her husband was deployed. She is a wonder woman. Since Benton doesn't nap anymore, Aaron and I found ourselves taking cat naps during the day just to keep up with him!

Here are some photos of our time in Portland, we didn't get to see or do as much as we wanted but the family time spent there was first rate!

Mia, looking very much like her mother when she was a wee one.

Benton playing with his Dad and his sister

My mum with the lady

A family photo on the deck

Aaron and I on 4th of July

Another family shot on the lawn

Mia with her Aunt Brittany

Benton says, It ain't enjoying life if you ain't got most of your food on your face.
(Oregon cherries)

Uncle Aaron playing with Mia

Benton, eating again.

Mia is such a happy baby.

Aaron and I with lotuses behind us at the Hugh Water Gardens.

My mum, I miss her very much.

Stumptown coffee
Aaron and I at Stumptown. Sorry guys, over rated. Come to Australia for our coffee.

onion rings from Burgerville!
Holy Batman, look at the size of those onion rings!


thisgoodhearth said...

It was sooo nice having you two back home again. We have got some really good pictures and memories to fall back on! Love you!

charinthecity said...

Hi lady, you are looking gorgeous in all those pics! Looks like a happy, fun time back home.