Sunday, October 21, 2012


This entire weekend was spent shopping for the house (think temporary mail box, dining room lights etc) and packing. It would be safe to say that we've packed 80% of our contents already but it feels like we have hardly started. The things we need to use during this week seems to amass to quite a bit. I'm thinking we'll just put them all into a last minute box or two! So this blog will be quieter than normal during this week... stay tuned till we are moved in!

A cute tatted up sloth plate we bought from Finders Keepers

Our dream tallboy. Handmade in Australia, it combines a lingerie and normal dresser.

The entire five piece set is $5499. Ouch but so beautiful.

I've been addicted to lining my eyes lately. Getting used to not shaking that much!

The beginning of the box congregation.

5 comments: said...

Love the dresser, the bed looks kinda clunky.

Erik Littles said...

Well, the important thing is that you have all your most important stuff stored safely in your storage boxes. Piling up the rest of your stuff will be easy, as long as you have prepared spare boxes just right for all of them. =) I hope you had a safe move my friend.

Erik Littles

Elias Madden said...

Packing can certainly feel like it would take forever with all the things you need to wrap up. But if you know where the items are going, that would make things easier. The next time you pack, you can do an inventory of all the items you have. Jot down on a notebook where you want to put all the things you’re bringing. That would make packing easier and much more organized. That would also make unpacking much easier.

Pedro Padro said...

How long did it take for you to pack all of your stuff? We're about to move in three weeks. We have a big family, so we have a lot to bring with us. Would you believe it if I told you that we've been packing for two weeks already? And we're not finish yet. You could just imagine how much longer it will take if I'm just doing it alone.

Munted kowhai said...

Pedro padro, oh boy! Packing for a huge family would take way more organization skills than I own. I hope it all went well!