Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last Friday, Maya and I flew up to Sydney for a weekend conference. (Yes, don't you love weekend conferences!) We headed up a day early and got to explore Surryhills and the city. Despite the pouring rain, we had fun walking, eating, drinking our way around Sydney. The conference itself was much better than the past two years and because it has more of a clinical side to it, it is interesting to listen to case studies (although this often makes you feel hopeless and heavy by the end of the talks). The conference dinner was at the Sydney Opera house, I mean, how amazing is that! It was catered by Aria and the view of the harbour was gorgeous. I kept on thinking, there is a heck alot of cement in here, does Sydney get earthquakes?


A bright building on a rainy gloomy day in Sydney. (Corner of Crowne and Burke)

Dallops and dallops of ice cream.

Gorgeous glasswork at the Victoria building

Maya and I enjoy some white sangria at a tiny tapas place.

The Opera house

An alley way filled with bird cages

Coogee beach, where our hotel was. I love this salt pool.

Coogee beach, the infamous Bondi is just over the hill.

The Harbour bridge, there were people climbing it! Didn't Oprah do that?

The Opera house had it right from the start, chevrons!

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That is still THE most amazing building in the world! Were there any birds in the cages?