Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ceramics class: pinch pots

A month or so ago, Maya, another friend of ours and I signed up for hand building classes. I've never had pottery experience outside of the few classes my mum sent my sister and I to in Howick when I was little. Our first lesson was to make pinch bowls. Pinch bowls start with a ball of clay and by inserting your thumb into the ball and pressing it outwards evenly to create a bigger hole. Depending on how you pinch and how much or where, your bowl developes. It can come out in several different shapes, I didn't take a photo of mine. I made a normal thicker pinch bowl and then made one with a round base but square lip with a spout. I will take photos next week. Our next project is "Curves" and we have to think about what kind of curves we want. I really want to make a planter and here are some pinch bowls I found online:

The glaze really makes these pinch pots

Porcelain, we wont' be using porcelain clay

I love the organic feeling of pinch bowls

Pinch bowls/salt pigs for succulents!!!

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