Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's the last weekend before Christmas, so obviously our weekend was about finishing buying presents and pottering about our house. The past week, we've managed to get quotes and the materials we wanted for our curtains. We're only doing the living room, theater room and our bedroom. All the rest I'm attempting myself. (Quite nervous!)  Curtains are expensive especially if you don't like drab and horribly dated fabric. Here's our pick for living room and bedroom respectively:

And oh yes, we purchased a bed set with tallboys for lingerie and clothes:
We have been swooning over this dresser set for the past few weeks and bit the bullet.
 Now we've arrived to the food portion of our week/weekend.
Aaron gets home before I do most of the time and so one cooler day, he made mein fun go (a traditional hakka meal) for dinner. It was splendid.
 We had brunch at Tucci Brown on Smith Street by pure accident and bought this delicious olive bread.

 And started Sunday off good with some crepes suzette topped up with baked peaches and honey with almond pralines.

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thisgoodhearth said...

Can't wait to spend some time in your house! All the goodies, love your choice of fabrics!