Thursday, December 20, 2012

Before we go

We are off to New Zealand tomorrow for our week of Christmas!
It will be nice to have a break but I'm thinking about my family in Oregon and how I would swap a summery week to spend a cold Christmas with them.

I'll leave you with a few home wants and a sewing project that has ended in disaster:

What an attractive air plant planter

Contemporary planter, yesssss

Oh fig trees IN the house.

And lastly.....
My sewing project as of late.
A simple tank:

Thin polyester is unforgiving on mistakes (look at previous stitch lines) AND this entire top is ruined because I accidentally ironed it on too high of a heat, so now there is a huge hole in the middle of this top.

i have more of this material but BACK TO SQUARE ONE FOR ME!

Speaking of sewing, have you see this blog? It's absolutely inspiring.

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