Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Mini holiday

What a huge year 2012 has been for us!
We built a house!

I mean wow.
I'm currently typing this as I'm sweating after having been out weeding and picking up broken roof tiles.
It is currently 39C here. Hot.

I had been unable to post a few items I made this year because they were gifts. I had set out to give everyone a handmade gift or buy them something that was handmade. However, due to poor planning and being preoccupied with the house, I was only successful in making gifts for a few people.

Here were my 2012 handmade gifts:

It all started with Dr  Seuss and Peter Rabbit pillow cases for Jordan (Aaron's niece).
I saw the material and couldn't pass it up.

A herringbone stitched cowl for my mother. I enjoyed making this thoroughly.
The free pattern can be found here.

Pompom leg warmers for a college friend who just had a baby girl. I ditched the boring stripes and went with cute fun pompoms!
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A cute wee sweater for a friend who has the cutest little baby boy in Dunedin.

And wee book bags for my niece and nephew.

And some photos from New Zealand:
How can anyone get sick of this scene? Flying into New Zealand, over the alps.

Seriously, Hobbit stuff right here.

The first time I actually liked the taste of walnuts. These are grown from Aaron's Dad's place. The complexity of smoky woody aroma is amazing.

Aaron checking out the creek in his parents backyard.


Hi Chooks!!

Aaron on the left, Mark on the right.

A trip to Dunedin to visit a couple of friends. Dunedin's most architecturally beautiful strip joint. 

We stayed at the Mercure which has a really beautiful old fashioned facade.

We stopped in at Evansdale Cheese. I adore there Yellow bay. We use to taste test them a the farmers market all the time.

And for the first day of 2013, we spent it at Healesville Santurary park:


charinthecity said...

I love that cowl. You may have persuaded me to take a brief break from baby knits! Sorry Emily.

Munted kowhai said...

so does mum! the herringbone stitch was so easy and refreshing!

thisgoodhearth said...

Char, you will have to make it! Since Cmas Day, I have it on me as it keeps me so toasty:)