Saturday, January 05, 2013


This weekend, we've been running around like crazy. We aren't able to do any landscaping as planned as we found out on Thursday that our fencer had actually given us 0.7m more backyard than our boundaries detailed. The back lots aren't sold yet so we want to rectify this as soon as possible and since it's still that grey week of holidays, we won't get a reply till this coming week. Along with that fence drama, the lot next to us has started site work and the builder has ripped part of our side fence out and put it in our yard so that they can dig right onto the boundary. No contacts, no letters, nothing. How rude! Since there is no contact details on the fence (which there should be), the building company is going to get bombarded with email and phone calls about this ridiculously rude behaviour. I hope we won't have any problems and that this is the only "misunderstandings"for the entire build. Ha! I've never had my blood boil but boy, this really made me mad. It is an understatement to say that the general tradesmen building around our street has absolutely no respect for anyone else's property.

So with time on our hands, we decided to do something for the house where we can. We went out to our favourite Garden World and bought plants. It's funny. I've never been a plant person. My mother is a huge green thumb walking around and pointing at plants and spurting latin names. Me? In college, I had managed to kill catci, herbs and pretty much anything that was labelled "hardy".  I've only started gathering interest when I bought my first succulent and my collection grow slowly. It's weird, I've never known this plant joy. I mean, they do what they do and I take all the credit for it. Wow, it's sprouting! Wow, it's flowering and most importantly, it's still alive! I'm sure that when the backyard is ready to be planted, this will only escalate. Aaron's always been a lover of plants, he too can walk around and spew out latin names for plants and trees. He's a bit of a David Attenborough dictionary like that. So I'm sure his interests has rubbed off on me.

Our new ikea bookcase, home for all the recipe books. (The hoya goes lovely there)

 Peperomia and Donkey tails, both shade loving.

Aaron's mini pitcher plant.

Aaron's Gobble guts

His white pitchers. Can you tell, flies have no chance in our house.

String of beans

String of peas

Baby toes.


Airplants with a bust of my head.

My sister bought us a beautiful runner.

These days, the temperature is hot and Hendericks gin has helped us through a few afternoons.

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charinthecity said...

They marketed those baby toes succulents as 'Ogre Ears' in NZ Warehouse a few years ago, I think timed with the latest Shrek movie...