Monday, January 28, 2013

An old bird turns 31

I turned 31 a few days ago.
I love having my birthdays in Australia because the day right after is Australia day and I'm always insured a holiday.
It's kinda awesome.

We went to Charcoal Lane for lunch and it was quite nice, despite the fact that I couldn't taste anything. (I was still sick and void of taste)

After work, a bunch of co workers , Aaron and I headed to Dainty Szechuan for dinner.
Maya bought some cupcakes and I blew out my candle twice.

We planned to make most of our three day weekend but somehow it never amounts to tooo much. I was on the mend and Aaron was on the verge of getting my cold (thankfully he never did), so the digging in the backyard happened in spurts. We did however, managed to get out parts of the day:

 A cuteeee dog waiting for his master who was getting his hair cut.
(Aaron insisted on going back to our old hair dresser who is like 40 mins away from us)

 My birthday present from Aaron, a staghorn!!

 We had a quick breakfast at Two Beans and a Farm and the guy there makes his own jam to sell.

 A corella, eating dried up artichokes on the reserve.

Love going to the market on the weekends, it means we can have different and fresh ingredients!
Aaron made these delicious lamb racks with mint salsa verde and freekah with pomegranate.

And a set of Maori babushka dollas from Aaron's mum for my birthday.


thisgoodhearth said...

Aaron and Janice did good for your birthday!!!

charinthecity said...

Love the staghorn and the babushkas. Your food looks delish, too! We are surviving on ready meals at the mo as we have no kitchen, just the microwave and the bathroom sink!

Munted kowhai said...

oh char, how long are you without kitchen?
make tea in microwave?
bet you could crack out an 80s cookbook that only cooks with microwaves.