Saturday, February 16, 2013


The one thing that made going back extra special this Chinese New Year was that my mother and step father was going as well! The last time I got to see them was for the USA trip and Hawaii, so it's been a good 7 months!

We did a few walk abouts and to escape the new year madness, we escaped to KL for a night.

Mum and I at the Hilton pool

Mojitos by the pool? Now THIS is a holiday

Also, being in KL means a holiday from the mosquitoes in Seremban!

A delicious yum cha at Chynna.
UJ's drink of the night, a lemon grass ice tea!
My mother,  popo and I at Chynna

Shopping madness for CNY. Just  a bit of light shopping for chinese jerky.

 We spent a lot of time around the house, which is over 60 years old bought before the Japanese occupation. 

Blackie, my popo's dog. It's aptly named, you can't fault her there.

A really old mirror given to my great grandfather for when he opened up his lumber mill. The chinese characters are fading.
Waterlilies, aka standing water aka mosquitoes!

Gong gong's old Austin.

Popo as a midwife

A photo of big popo with Sabrina.

Popo's usual sitting spot.

She's pretty proud of her orchids

Wash up area

Gong gong was meticulous. Where has all his tools gone?

UJ and Mum, with UJ's gift to Popo: a candy container shaped like a gold ingot.

Popo's ridiculously huge hanger

I miss my mum already!

Mum and UJ at breakfast, someone's wearing his Xmas present from me!

Alas, Blackie strikes again.


charinthecity said...

I love your pics of Limbok. I think the washing up peach sink has been there since forever, there are photos of lots of us kids brushing our teeth and all sorts. There is a pic of my Popo cleaning up a chicken (including its head) next to the gutter, and another making little cakes much later on.

We cousins should put our pics together into a photo essay one day, all the generations at Limbok!

Lorenzo said...

That looks like a day-blooming viviparous tropical water lily in the photo.

Its viviparous in that it can grow new plants from aging leaves. Pretty cool!