Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seremban, Malaysia

What a busy 2 weeks it has been.
I flew back to Malaysia for the Chinese New Year festivities and caught up with all my family.
It was quite a neat trip as I got to see my Popo in a new light and asked her stories of the past.
Mum and I also ventured out walking in Seremban ( her hometown ) and took photos of the buildings that inhibit the fast growing yet strangely stagnant city.
The city is perpetually in a state of growth, abandonment and decay. Colourful signs offset weathered buildings, neglected by shopkeepers or home owners.

To these images, add sticky humidity, waft of raw sewage and buzzing of close motorcycles.

The temple near Limbok, where my popo lives.

A truck selling pomelos, an important fruit to buy for welcoming the new years.
We used to wear the rind as children.

Giant festive dragon joss sticks burn slowly at the temple.

Majestic fan palms line the streets

Colonial style buildings

Buildings torn revealing the history.

This is how I always remember Malaysia, endless archways as far as the eye can see.

A drinks hawker stall.

A peak of green in the midst of grey

A temple

Mint green

A neglected column

A coconut tree in the middle of it all

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