Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I've decided that I will have two resolutions to keep:
1)Get my hair cut every 5 weeks so I could keep this look without looking like a bag lady.
2)Instead of being on my phone on my commute, I will doodle in my sketch book.

That's it.
Two should be easy.

Anyways, yesterday I had my hair cut at the Onsen Ma in downtown Melbourne.
The hair salon itself is a bit out of place and lacked the charm of the rest of the onsen but I had wanted to try it out. Marie turned out to be really good and wide open at lunch time. Score.
I got the " Short in the back, long in the front" cut, a reverse mullet if you must.

On Tuesday, we had a staycation in the city.
What do you do with a staycation?
We had lunch snacks all over the city.
A vietnamese roll here.
A wonderbao there.
A milkshake to finish it off.

Belles on Gertrude St was cute.
Ice coffee was good.

Wonderbao was hard to find and mediocre. I've never seen an asian establishment with no asians before.

We also bought some art supplies.
I bought a sketch book, a small water colour paper book, a set of water colour and a really fine japanese black pen.

This was my doodle on the train yesterday:

If you hadn't already guessed, I'm going to illustrate and paint our own Save the Dates and Invites.
It's a small wedding, so hand drawing invites is totally doable.
 Due to the fact that I don't water colour much, I did some research and here are some beautiful finds:

Polly fern's work is AH MAZING!!

Both these gorgeous ones are by Daniela Dahf

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thisgoodhearth said...

Your haircut reminds me of someone out of an Anime film. Looks good!
Watercolours are cool but will find out how goauche will go down.
The Wonderbao looks like it's a David Chang's Wannabe, minus the great taste?