Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter holidays

Easter was actually very pleasant.  Aaron and I got to do things that made us stop and relax and just enjoy each other. On Good Friday, we slept in and had Hot Cross buns then decided to take a walk at the sanctuary near our house.  We actually walked for 3 or 4 hours through the wetlands, spying on different types of birds and kangaroos.

There is something about going for a walk that is unexpected and so fulfilling. We have to remember to take advantage of our surroundings more often, after all we live 5 minutes drive away from this:

The majority of the time, I was actually drawing and painting my Save the Dates.
Hours just passed by as I outlined and then water coloured each piece. It was so soothing.
For the formal invites, I'll photoshop these images and have them printed out with Moo.com.

Spotlight had some RIDICULOUS sale on these 200 meters balls of jersey strip yarn for , get this, 50 cents. Yes. I bought 9 balls and now, I'm crocheting a rug fools. 

I'm going to crochet this until it is GIANT. Until it's $1.50 worth of rug.
That's right.

Other things we're sorting out is getting art work hung up.
This is still happening:

On Saturday, we went to Tancks Corner (our favourite in the Yambarrat region) for breakfast. Look at Aaron's pea and mint fritter with beetroot relish and smoked trout.

And finally, there were lots of skyping with family.
Look at this gorgeous photo of my niece, Mia.
I miss them so much!

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charinthecity said...

Yay! Your save the dates are gorgeous, especially the staghorn one. And you are doing the Moo card thing too! They do a great job. We had a few invites left over, they ended up being our table names once put into some cheap but pretty photo frames.

Love the jersey yarn rug idea.