Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Pinning lately

It's been colder these days.
I'm wearing socks when I'm lounging around the house.
I can't wait till we have curtains to retains some heat!

Meanwhile, I've realised it's been a while since I've showed you some of the pins I've been hoarding lately:

Oh Etsy, you're always full of great jewelry.

 I've been looking for the perfect coffee table to go in the corner of our sofas. It will be mostly filled with Aaron's carnivorous plants, imagine that! When I saw this GORGEOUS marble carved coffee table, I was sad that it is most likely out of my reach and my budget:

When I saw this photograph, it really resonated with me. I did an art project in 6th form that required me to pick one contemporary artist and I chose Hockney. I chose Hockney and painted the entire panel in the style of his infamous man and swimming pool. I think I still have that back home in Portland, OR!

This photo gave me much hope for our 1.2 meter side space of our house. No, it doesn't have to be zzzzzzz or useless space. It can be green, inspiring and enchanting.

Perhaps the next rug project will be puff puff.

I love you.
 The craft person in me loves loves this.

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