Thursday, April 25, 2013

A day of nothing but crafts

Today being Anzac day, both Aaron and I had the day off.
We slept in (someone stayed in his pjs till 12.30pm...) and while I was making knots for Muntedkowhai, Aaron played video games. It was pure bliss.
I am really putting this Muntedkowhai thang back into action.
I have the glue on my fingers to prove it.

Here are some photos from as of late:

 $3 scatter ikat rugs any one? Best find ever.
 and I'm on to my second rug, a merlot doily one.
 The Hoya is blooming!
As is the sundew
 A quick simple lunch before a walk around our estate
 A section of the estate that is being left undeveloped for all to enjoy. I hope they stick to their guns!
 and all in all, a very colourful confetti mess this afternoon

1 comment:

thisgoodhearth said...

Good job with the Ikat rugs!
Did you know Ikat is Malay for "to tie"?
That Hoya looks interesting and I hope the estate will remain an estate forever, for humans and kangaroos alike!