Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So we finally had our curtains installed.
I was actually quite apprehensive about Aaron's choice of fabric for the lounge.
(Who would have thought a boy would have had SO so many opinions about fabric, least florals?!)
So I did the best thing I could do, let him choose the living room but get what I want in our master bedroom.
Fortunately, we actually agree on all rooms with me shakey in the lounge.
However, when it got installed yesterday, I thought it actually did quite a good job of anchoring our sliding doors. It's the only bold thing in the house right now. Even the installer said, hey I didn't think this fabric would work but it looks pretty good!
That's what the builder said about our choice of colour.
I just couldn't bear having no colour or pattern. 

We actually stuck with a palette for three different rooms, despite the different patterns.

The lounge:
Because our windows are quite large and we don't have double glazing ($$$$), we added pelmets to keep it insulated. It's amazing what curtains can do, we felt so much warmer in the lounge last night. These curtains are THICK, they are double backed with sun backing material as well.

The theater room got a more modern and darker fabric. I have always wanted geometric in some form. Aaron and I both really liked this fabric.
 Finally, our master bedroom. Here the installer informed me that the curtains were made to the wrong specifications. It is too short as you can see in the photo, so a new one is being made. Our bedroom gets the morning sun and that's about it, so I wanted something bright and colourful. The sage green picks up the green in the walls and goes well with the timber furniture.

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thisgoodhearth said...

They all came out looking very nice!
Good choice, I'd say!