Sunday, April 21, 2013


This weekend was spent digging for the retaining wall (I know I know, it's done now) and a lot of home errands.  Friday night I finished the circular rug I started a few weeks ago, it's not as big as I want it because I ran out of yarn. I bought the yarn on special for 50 cents and the lesson is, ALWAYS GET MORE. Even if it is RIDICULOUS.
Anyhow, I still really like how the black and white picks up the wooden floor in our lounge:

 Just a really simple single crochet type of rug.
Here is the free pattern.
 I also finished painting and writing all our save the dates. Each save the date is of different plants that both Aaron and I love. I drew each pattern in duplicate, one for my invites and one for Aaron's invites.

It seems to be a weekend of tying up loose ends because Aaron screwed the hook into the ceiling for me so I could hang up my string bean succulent:

That gorgeous hanging planter?


charinthecity said...

Wow, congrats on finishing the digging! The rug looks great on your wooden floor.

thisgoodhearth said...

Rug makes a nice contrast to the floor, very homey feeling. Nice work, love!!
Everything seems to be falling into place at its own leisurely time:)