Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pinterests and Purchases

Well, I think it is officially Autumn over here. I check the weather for the entire week and nothing is over 22C. Hello cooler weather.
Think woollen hat, big jackets, warm soups and socks on the couch.
Oh yeah and crocheting a rug that also acts as a blanket whilst you're making it.

Not much has been happening on the Muntedkowhai side because I've been trying to balance wedding planning, Muntedkowhai, crafts, sewing and all that other jazz in between.
There will be a wedding update in two weeks. It is going to be low key and about food.

Meanwhile, here are some Pins and Purchases:

A cute palette table from Matt Blatt.
Bought it.

Um, hello. You are beautiful Hollyhocks. Do you grow in Melbourne?

And oh my gosh you guys. Sometimes you just have to head over to Toast and check out their sales because I got 2 pairs of these pants for 5 pounds! They are Churidar pants, the kind that Indian ladies wear under their saris.

It's Spring somewhere in the world, right?

love love
flirty top

Kent Oregano.
A plant that is sun tolerant?
Bring it on. We need you in the backyard.

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thisgoodhearth said...

I have never seen the ruffled HollyHocks before. They are just like roses! Sure they didn't forget the stirrups for the pants?